Member Updates


Public Policy Committee Invitation

Join the Public Policy Committee for lunch in the Fellowships Room on the first Monday of the month. We often have speakers on timely subjects; other times we plan how to be effective, active citizens. We always have a lively discussion. Watch for announcements on the easel outside the Presidents’ Hall where you can also sign up to reserve a place for lunch with us.


Diversity Committee Requests Your Ideas

The Diversity Committee will put up a pad of paper on an easel every other Monday in the hallway.  Add any events, theatre, music, art, or any other experience that enhanced your understanding of a culture other than your own.  Share your experiences with your fellow AAUW members.  Check the easel regularly for new ideas for you and yours to enjoy.  This is life long learning from a variety of cultures!

Officers of the Branch 2023-2024

President – Ann Vanvick
Membership Co-Vice Presidents – Rae Cornelius and Victor Barela
Program Vice President– Leslie Swenson
Marketing Vice President – Judy Romlin
Treasurer – Laura King      Development – Nell Wegmann
Secretary for Recording -Jennifer Johnson
Director at Large – Veronica Johnson