Gale Mansion

Remodeling Project Wins Award

The Gale Mansion remodeling project was one of the eight building project awards recognized by Preserve Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission and the Minneapolis chapter of the American Institute of Architects. The awards celebrate projects and people that “celebrate and enhance the heritage and historic character of Minneapolis.” Carolyn Humphrey, Tamra Nelson and Sheila Lind represented the branch at the award luncheon as guests of MacDonald & Mack Architects.

The Gale Mansion’s addition “is an example of adapting a historic building to fit modern needs. A handicapped accessible elevator was installed between the original structure and a modern addition in such a way to blend in and not call attention to itself.” The Minneapolis Project Team included the American Association of University Women–Minneapolis Branch, MacDonald & Mack Architects, and Watson Forsberg Construction.

The Minneapolis Branch owns, operates, and meets in the Gale Mansion. The members of the Minneapolis Branch AAUW purchased the house at 2115 Stevens Avenue in 1947 from Richard Gale. In 1978 the Gale Mansion was designated on the National Register of Historic Places. Today it serves as the headquarters for all activities of the Minneapolis branch.

Both impressive and charming, the Gale Mansion blends old-world elegance with modern style, forming a unique and memorable setting for private or corporate entertaining.

For additional information please visit the Gale Mansion web site or contact Karen Hancock at 612.870.1662.

Please visit the Gale Mansion website here.

The Presidents’ Hall is now complete!

Never underestimate the power of Minneapolis Branch members and friends to achieve a goal . . . the very large Capital Campaign goal of $1,500,000.

Thanks to your generous gifts, the Campaign has been successfully completed!

Our historic house is now beautifully renovated and renewed for the enjoyment of members and guests, neighborhood and city for today and years to come.

Let us celebrate our achievement!

Thank You!

As in the past, gifts of all sizes to the PPDF (Property Preservation Dedicated Fund) are most welcome, and are tax-deductible.