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Spring 2021 Bulletin

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Due to concern for the health of our members during this COVID-19 pandemic, ALLAAUW Programs are scheduled on Zoom until further notice.


Tuesday Evening, May 11, 2021

5:15         LITERATURE DISCUSSION       on Zoom

The Genius of Birds by Jennifer Ackerman

Discussion Leader: Ann Vanvick

The Genius of Birds highlights new findings and discoveries in the field of bird intelligence. The book explores birds as thinkers. Birds can rival primates, even humans, in intelligence. They have enormous brains relative to the rest of their bodies. They are capable of abstract thinking, problem solving, recognizing faces, gift giving, sharing, grieving, and meaningful communication with humans. This is a fascinating read. 

7:00          ENVIRONMENT      on Zoom 

Minnesota Birds and Climate Change 

Speaker: Carrol Henderson, Retired Head of Non-Game Wildlife for the Minnesota DNR 

Because of his wealth of knowledge and experience gained during his 40-year tenure in this position, Henderson is very qualified to speak to our subject. He is widely recognized for his accomplishments, among them the Non-Game Wildlife Program check-off on Minnesota tax forms, and a significant role in re-establishing a trumpeter swan population in Minnesota, both of which have been very successful. As our climate changes, more and more challenges are facing our birds and other wild creatures. Fortunately, Henderson is speaking to us during the height of spring migration, as our summer birds return from their winter homes. Look up—you may have an unexpected surprise!   

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