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Theater at the Gale

Spring-Summer Bulletin is now available for viewing

Due to concern for the health of our members during this COVID-19 pandemic, AAUW Programs are canceled for all of April and May. 

On a positive note, our Program Committee is hard at work planning a full program beginning in the fall. Watch this space to learn about the speakers who have agreed to speak on the following topics:

Science and Technology                        Literary Pursuits
Environment                                            Public Policy
Education                                                  Women’s Voices
Fair Play                                                    Arts
Culinary Delights                                    International Day (South Africa)

 Zoom presentations and

Chatting Over Coffee

See Carol Sheldon’s email for Zoom invitations



Gale Mansion To learn how you can rent the Gale Mansion and use its renowned catering services, go to www.galemansion.com or visit the Gale Mansion facebook page!

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